Wednesday, June 18, 2008

View from a London theater

This is the view from the top floor of the National Theater. This panorama that I fashioned was during intermission of The Revenger's Tragedy. Click on the link to see the preview. This was the most amazing play I have ever seen. Milly Still, the director, did a brilliant job portraying the disturbingly dark sides of revenge, death, violence and sex. With the mix of techno music and the most amazing falsetto I've heard, I walked out during intermission bawling because my senses were so overwhelmed. I was in raptures! I've never felt or seen anything like this. I love London theater.

London Street Art

Many famous street artists have originated in London. Banksy, for example, the graffiti artist know for his satiric paintings and stencils concerning politics, society, and ethics, is renown world-wide for his graffiti art. In the Tate Britain (one of London's famous art museums) I bought a book of street art and it served to perpetuate my fascination with street art and its punk and anarchic origins. These photos come from a skate park that is sandwiched between two of London's most prestigious theaters, the National Theater and the Royal Theater. Everyday artists come with their paint and make something totally awesome. You never see the same thing two days in a row because these artists continually have the opportunity to paint freely, even in the day light. It was really cool to watch them work.

this is all the louvre i need

We were walking past this giant building and all of a sudden my professor says, "Oh yeah, here's the Louvre." These were taken at about 8 at night. The sun was perfect.
I went inside the Louvre, but it honestly didn't compare to these outside pictures. Who needs ancient artifacts?! The inside smelled because there were so many tourist bodies jammed inside this once palace. Unfortunately I walked through as fast as I could because I hated being in there. Luckily, this evening was the Louvre's redeeming grace.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

This is the end. The end my friend.

To day is my last day of class, and I have to give a presentation in just a few minutes. It's about censorship in the UK, and how ever since their censorship laws changed, oh say about 30 years ago, the country have gone naked-people happy. There are things here on the tube, on the streets, on the tv than your average Utahan sees in their life. Sex and naked people are everywhere. This sexuality has been repressed for so long that now the British have immersed themselves in a multi-media wave of sexy sexy things. Interesting, huh?

The next few days I have finals. After that, and maybe even amidst, I'll post my pics of Stonehenge and give everyone an adequate blog to read/view. I've realized that blogging doesn't give me enough instant gratification and I know my laziness on updates is obstructing your voyeurism, so I'll try a little harder.